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Javascript iframe injection

May 5, 2008

Javascript iframe injection

if your site search return this result “This site may harm your computer” in google search, or you find some strange ip or web url in status bar of your explorer or site takes long time to load, then please check the source code of your html page it may contain some iframe with height”1″ and width=”1″ and try to open some strange url in its source Tag, Then your site is injected with this malicious JavaScript iframe injection

How to resolve this issue

  • Delete the unwanted iframe tag and upload
  • Scan your server with antivirus and antispyware
  • Must check CHMOD in Linux or write permission in windows server (Write permission is very dangerous ).
  • Apply some security patches specially for PHP, mySQL
  • Set PHP global_variables = off, SESSION_VARIABLES=off
  • To ‘On’ the above parameters use php.ini in the root directory of your www root folder

Remember: Solution for this javascript iframe infection is still unknown/no exact solution