First download  free TouchDAW app from google play store. It allows you to remote control popular digital audio workstation software as known from standard hardware control surfaces.

Download link http://goo.gl/RozrLi

Now connect your android 6 mobile to your computer and then select USB COMPUTER CONNECTION as midi and wait for driver update.


Next open your music production software like Ableton or FL Studio and select MIDI options. Please note in windows XP you will see your mobile as USB Audio Device and in Win 7 as complete model name like Lenovo.


Please check the ENABLE option as described in RED HIGHLIGHTED box and select generic controller as controller type.

Now open any plugin and and select link to controller as shown in the below picture



Then move/click or rotate the Touch DAW controller as per your requirement and immediately you see that your controller linked to your mobile controller. For tutorial please see the video attached below.



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